Presscrete Engineering Pte Ltd is a specialist service provider in Ground and Structural Engineering.

The Company has since its incorporation in 1987, been principally engaged in the provision of specialist engineering services. These services can be broadly divided into three categories namely Ground Engineering Services, Tunnelling Services and Civil and Special Engineering Services. Ground Engineering Services refers to specialist services related to soil and the ground, while Tunnelling Services refers to tunnel boring by pipe jacking machines, pipe roofing or mine tunnelling methods. The Civil and Special Construction projects undertaken by us are those requiring a greater level of specialist contracting and engineering knowledge which includes design-and-build projects.

The Company emphasizes quality in both the services and products. In addition, the Company believes in anticipating the needs of its customers and strives to fulfill their customers' needs. This strategy has enabled the Company to develop close working relationships with customers, to better understand their requirements and to offer the necessary advice and expertise. Whenever opportunities arise, the company will look into expanding its range of specialist engineering services so that it can provide its clients with the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions to their problems. Very often, there are several possible solutions to the Company's clients engineering problems.

The Company has the specialist know-how and experience to offer several possible solutions and to select the most appropriate and cost-effective solution after considering all relevant factors such as site conditions, soil conditions and other client-imposed conditions. As an example, for a structure with strength deficiency problem, the conventional method is to demolish and rebuild. The Company however, can offer a range of less costly strengthening solutions utilizing specialized techniques such as micropiling, epoxy plate bonding, epoxy crack repair and post-tensioning.

The Company has established itself as a professional firm who is able to give practical, innovative and cost-effective engineering services. Many contracts are secured through referrals by consulting firms who look to the Company for specialist solutions. The Company markets its services to a broad range of customers in Singapore and the region.

Presscrete Engineering Pte Ltd and it's related companies have successfully completed projects not only in Singapore and Malaysia, but also in the Asia Pacific Region including Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Vietnam, India and Xiamen.

Registered Licensed Builder under Class:
1 Civil Engineering Works (CW02) - B1
2 Concrete Repair Works (CR05) - L1
3 Ground Support & Stabilization Works (CR12) - L4
4 General Building Works - Class 1
5 Specialist Builder in Ground Support & Stabilization works - SB (GS)
6 Specialist Builder in In-Situ Post-Tensioning Works - SB (PT)
7 Specialist Builder in Piling Works - SB (PW)

We are also accredited with:
1 ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System)
2 ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management System)
3 OHSAS 18001:2007
(Occupational Health and Safety Management System)
4 BizSAFE STAR Certification
5 BCA Green and Gracious Award