No. Project Year 2010   Description of works Project Image
1 Proposed Condo Housing Development at Alexandra Road/Depot Road - THE INTERLACE   Soil Nailing Works
2 d'LEEDON at King's Road, Leedon Heights and Farrer Road   Pre-boring, Soil Nail and
Shotcreting Works
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3 POC3B5 - Drainage Extension for Phase 3 (Area 3B5), Jurong Island   Chemical Grouting Works  
4 Jurong Island Phase4 / 3B5 at Sump 1   Jet Grouting Works  
5 Ocean Financial Centre   Pile Load Test  
6 Downtown Line Stage 2 Contract 911 Design and Construction of Depot for Downtown Line   Ground Anchor Works View Image
7 Proposed Rectification Works to Landslip of Slope of Mount Faber II Service Reservoir   Slope Stabilization Works View Image
8 Proposed Erection of a block of 62-storey residential apartment (Total 280-Units) with Commercial Development at 1st Storey, 8-Storey Multi-Storey Carpark, swimming pool and ancillary facilities on lot 747M ( Parcel A) TS 3 at Enggor Street (Downtown Core Planning Area)   Shotcreting Works  
9 Marina Bay Financial Centre Phase 2 - Tower 3   Chemical Grouting Works to cut down water ingress between CST and Tower 3  
10 Jurong Island Drainage Extension at Area 3B5   Cement Grout Pile Works  
11 Proposed Contract 919 - Design and Construction of Stations and Tunnels at Botanic Gardens and Stevens for Downtown Line Stage 2   Recharge Well  
12 The Interlace   Soil Nail Works  
13 Construction of A RC Bldg., Steel Doors and Ancillary Works at TAB   Grout Mix Pile Works  
14 Marina Bay Financial Centre (Tower 3) - Grouting Between Existing CBP and D-Wall For Phase 1 - Phase 2 Basement Connection   Chemical Grouting Works  
15 Contract 482 - Design, Construction and Completion of Marina Coastal Expressway - Ground Improvement at Zone C1A   Jet Grouting Works  
16 Proposed Redevelopment Of Overseas Union House And Change Alley Aerial Plaza On Lots 61, 87, 102Pt & 186Pt Ts 30 At 50 Collyer Quay (Downtown Planning Area)   Micropiling Works, Cement Grout Pile Works and Chemical Grouting Works