Presscrete Engineering Pte Ltd and its related companies undertake selected construction projects that require greater specialist engineering and construction knowledge. In addition, the Company has the in-house design capability to create its own designs, as well as to propose alternative designs to our clients in order to be more effective and cost efficient. Special construction projects that the Company has completed include the construction of adventure training facilities, jetties and wharves, suspension bridges, design-and-build retaining wall systems, and restoration projects.

Our Civil Engineering Division provides specialised services such as construction of roads, road widening, drainage & sewerage works, temporary shoring works, retaining walls, jetties and wharves and pipe jacking works.

The main services provided under this category are as follows:

Construction & Road Widening

Backed by our wide range of expertise, we have constantly demonstrated the ability to provide sound and comprehensive solutions to the current demand in infra-structure services such as construction of roads and road widening projects of the Land Transportation Authority (LTA), Housing & Development Board (HDB), Jurong Town Corporation (JTC) and other private entities.

Drainage & Sewerage Works

As a licenced builder, we are able to capitalize on our consolidated and diversified team of engineers to meet market demands on drainage and sewerage works. Our clients include among others the Housing & Development Board (HDB), Jurong Town Corporation (JTC) and the Land Transportation Authority (LTA).

Retaining Walls

Our exposure to difficult and challenging given situations honed us to offer a wide range of engineering techniques to design and build specialist retaining wall system to suit any site conditions. This enables our clients to derive great benefits in terms of speed, cost and quality.

Jetties & Wharves

We have successfully built award-winning ferry terminals, jetties and wharves. Our methodology incorporates an automatic lifting system which senses the changing tide and synchronizes the platform level to match the tide and ferry dock level, thus enabling a stable platform for passengers to board the ferry.

Pipe Jacking & Micro-Tunnelling

Presscrete had recently expanded its expertise in the field of civil engineering to include pipe jacking and micro-tunnelling works to meet the current and future market demand. Our micro tunneling system is designed and intended for use in mixed and water bearing soils with cobbles. Our clients’ includes, Jurong Town Corporation (JTC) and other entities.