PRESSCRETE ENGINEERING PTE LTD are very seriously to protect your personal privacy. Sometimes we have to ask for some information so that we can provide better services for you.And this privacy statement is going to explain collection and usage of data under this situation.

This privacy statement apply to all relevant services.As the expansion of PRESSCRETE ENGINEERING PTE LTD's service,privacy statement will be refreshed by PRESSCRETE ENGINEERING PTE LTD and there is no further notice. Since the refreshed privacy statement announce on the web page, it has been effective to replace the original statement.

The information we will collect

Usually, you can browse PRESSCRETE ENGINEERING PTE LTD to get information anonymously. When we need to identify your personal information or your contacts,we will ask for your permission at first. Usually, when you register PRESSCRETE ENGINEERING PTE LTD or apply for a new function, we might have to collect these information: name, Email address, living address and phone number and also we will ask for your confirmation.

About your personal information

PRESSCRETE ENGINEERING PTE LTD strictly protect your personal information safety. We use every safe technique and program to protect your individual information from accessing, using or disclosing without your permission

PRESSCRETE ENGINEERING PTE LTD can only reveal your personal information in the case of law requirement and complying with the relevant terms of PRESSCRETE ENGINEERING PTE LTD service, software licensing agreement,or when there is every reason to believe:

  1. Shall meet the law or administrative regulations, or in accordance with PRESSCRETE ENGINEERING PTE LTD website for legal process
  2. In accordance with the relevant terms of service, software licensing agreement of the PRESSCRETE ENGINEERING PTE LTD website
  3. To protect the rights and possessions of the PRESSCRETE ENGINEERING PTE LTD, and also the individual safety of PRESSCRETE ENGINEERING PTE LTD's workers, products and users in emergency.

PRESSCRETE ENGINEERING PTE LTD will not share these information with the third-party, expect the situation above.

The usage of Cookie

Using Cookie can help you realize your personal Online–Experience,you can accept or refuse Cookie. As most browsers will accept cookie automatically,you can usually change the set of browser according to your personal need to refuse the Cookie.

PRESSCRETE ENGINEERING PTE LTD sometimes will use Cookie to know which websites would be popular so that you can receive better services. But Cookie will not follow the tracks of personal information.

When you register PRESSCRETE ENGINEERING PTE LTD, we will also use Cookie. Within this situation, PRESSCRETE ENGINEERING PTE LTD will collect and store the available information that when you access to PRESSCRETE ENGINEERING PTE LTD again,we can recognize you. The Cookie from PRESSCRETE ENGINEERING PTE LTD only can be read by PRESSCRETE ENGINEERING PTE LTD.

If your browser was set to refuse Cookie,you can still access to most of website of PRESSCRETE ENGINEERING PTE LTD.

Disclaimer Statement

When the following happens, PRESSCRETE ENGINEERING PTE LTD will not undertake any law responsibility:

  1. As you tell others your user code or share the user account with others, leads your personal information to disclose,or other causes irrelevant to PRESSCRETE ENGINEERING PTE LTD.
  2. PRESSCRETE ENGINEERING PTE LTD need your personal information in accordance with the law or government policy.
  3. Any dispute raised in when any third-party use your personal information in accordance with every listed service term and statement by PRESSCRETE ENGINEERING PTE LTD's.
  4. Temporary site shut down due to hacker attacks, computer viruses or any government regulation.
  5. Any result leaded by Force Majeure.
  6. PRESSCRETE ENGINEERING PTE LTD will list all the usages and disclaimer situations in every term of service and statement.